Pavlo is proud to be part of such a compassionate and hard-working group of ladies at Big Rock Veterinary Hospital. Working with enthusiastic and dedicated doctors fills her with pride. It is the most rewarding place for her to work.

Her passion for animal health began when she was 15 years old. She started working with large animals, small animals, and exotics, caring for creatures with fur, feathers, scales, and aquatic lifestyles. Over the years, Pavlo has taken numerous continuing education courses and developed a special interest in client education and animal behavior, with a particular focus on breed-specific needs and genetic predispositions. For her, learning is a lifelong journey.

At Big Rock, Pavlo works with dogs, cats, and exotics. Her passion lies in helping pets and their owners coexist in a healthy environment by providing education and advocating for preventative and wellness care.

Pavlo is the proud mother of three grown, smart, beautiful, kind-hearted children. She has a patient and sweet spouse, along with a family that adores animals. Her furry family includes Louie Ratatouille (a Pitty Mix), Dakota Bean (Shephard Mix), as well as kitties Tessie Moo and Remi Big Boi. She also has two grandkitties, Kiya and Mishmish. Her feathered friends include chickens Pearl the Brooder, Rosetta the sweet keeper of the coop, and Franny the Frantic. On her porch, Pavlo hosts a bird AIRBNB for wrens with babies who return every year. Her hobbies are centered around anything related to animals, nature, and plants.